Who We Are

AquaArt is the brand-name in creating custom aquariums and installations that are natural works of art. Our team has the distinction of working in-hand with interior designers, architects, craftsmen, and marine biologists from around the world to integrate aquatic life into the built environment. AquaArt’s aquaria are organic installations of water, light, space, vibrant colors and life. Through our close association with designers and our perfect understanding of the special needs of aquatic life, we create original, site-specific custom aquariums and installations that reflect the clients’ imaginative choices while being practical.

Other special projects which we can undertake include experimental water features, public aquarium sized projects, public and private ornamental fish ponds, and other glass and acrylic fabrications.

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Our History

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AquaArt was formed in 2008 in the state of Doha – Qatar by the Managing Director , Mr Tariq Almana. A visionary, he had a passionate interest in aquarium fish and wild life. Tariq set up AquaArt as his personal interest and brought together a group of talents in the industry from around the world to set up a company capable of handling larger size aquarium and zoo projects to service the need of the growing nation of Qatar and the surrounding GCC. Back then, there was an obvious dearth of quality aquarium equipment or expertise required in order to complete a successful large size aquarium project. Out of necessity and an opportunity to fill this void in the aquarium and pets market, AquaArt opened it’s flagship retail store to much fan-fare. The company took on the distributorship of major aquarium product brands which amongst others include Eheim from Germany, Seachem from USA, Aqua Design Amano and Hikari fish food from Japan and has become one of the most talked about Aquarium store in the Arabian Gulf.

Today, AquaArt has become a full service aquarium business with:

  • The biggest Aquarium store in Qatar.
  • A good team of well trained Aquarist performing maintenance on Corporate as well as private aquariums.
  • A project management team capable of handling custom bespoke aquarium projects for demanding socialites of Qatar.
  • A design and management team capable of handling Public Aquarium, Zoos and Museum scale work.
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