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AquaArt welcomes clients to the new and most exciting boutique aquarium and pet store in Qatar, where they will find rare and exotic ornamental fish, aquatic plants, corals and pets from around the world. A wide range of quality branded accessories are displayed for the discerning hobbyist.

We look forward to transforming your living space into your sanctuary with a beautiful slice of nature.

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Products & Services

Livestock From Exotic Locations

Over 3000 aquarium fish, aquatic plants and corals imported from around the world at any one time. We make special orders for hard to find species especially for our discerning customers if we don’t have them in stock!

Widest Range Of Aquarium Products In Qatar

We bring our customers the latest in aquarium keeping technology from some of the most renown and respected brands in the industry. We strive to be the one-stop-shop for all your aquarium needs.

Knowledgeable And Helpful Staff

We aim to provide our customers with excellent knowledge and guidance and teach them how to properly set up and maintain saltwater aquariums and freshwater planted aquariums. We cater for the novice aspiring fish keepers all the way to the experts!

Water Testing And Diagnosis

We provide complimentary water test to all new hobbyist who purchase their new aquariums from us in order to ensure that the aquarium water is properly cycled prior to introducing fish. We try our best to diagnose your aquarium problems by asking lots of questions and attempt to provide an honest and educated diagnosis.

Aquarium Maintenance

Bespoke Custom Aquarium Design And Aquascaping

Our Brands

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AquaARt - Exo Terra
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AquaArt - Aqua
AquaArt - Hikari
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