Kevin Tan Yong Koon

General Manager

An enthusiastic operations manager with a proven track record of effective strategic planning, leadership and communications skills, Kevin currently heads a young and energetic aquarium company, AquaArt, in Doha, Qatar. Since the company’s humble inception in 2008, Kevin has driven it to become one of the leading Aquarium companies in the Middle-east region with the distribution rights of a number of respected International Aquatic products such as Eheim Gmbh (Germany), Kyorin Hikari (Japan), Aqua Design Amano (Japan), Seachem (USA) and Dymax (Singapore).

Kevin’s background in architecture and building management has also seen the extension of AquaArt taking on project roles in many large public and private aquatic works in Qatar. His knowledge in building and architectural design has provided him a clear advantage in working with Architects, Interior designers and Consultants in the inception and incorporation of functional aquarium designs.

His passion to learning about aquatic life and habitats has led him to many conferences, forums and expeditions to learn about the creatures he has dedicated his career to.

His high regard and extensive network of friends and associates in the industry has also meant that he has been able to source exceptionally difficult to obtain species as well as bring together skilled experts in this field for clients and public aquariums.