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With an artist’s sensibility and style, AquaArt aims at being a leader in design, construction, installation and maintenance of aquatic environments for both residential and commercial settings.

The client’s vision can be actualized to create an aesthetic which cleverly melds architectural requirements and the natural aquatic environment owing to state-of-the-art technology and professional expertise that will fulfil AquaArt’s objective to be a true industry benchmark and second-to-none brand.

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Feature Services

Corporate Custom Aquarium


AquaArt undertakes projects with extensive consultation with clients. AquaArt determines the goals and objectives of the aquarium while educating the client about the differences and variables of the various installation styles.

The company also works closely with some of the most prestigious interior designers and craftsmen to ensure premium quality finishes for every exceptional project to client’s satisfaction.


AquaArt - Large Aquariums

Large Aquarium Construction & Water Features


AquaArt is a specialist contractor for design innovation and creative engineering. Collaborating with international partners, AquaArt has the adequate technical resources to undertake world-class projects.

AquaArt - Large Aquariums

Aquarium Life Support Systems

The importance of the aquarium life support systems cannot be under estimated. The Life Support System is the ‘life-blood’ of all aquariums. They can be immensely complex or simple, and can vary amazingly between aquariums, depending on local conditions and the preferences of each aquarist.

At AquaArt, our professionals help you in choosing the correct filtration system by determining how many tanks, what species of fish go in each tank, saltwater or freshwater, volume of each tank, water temperature in each tank, water turnover rates, required water makeup each day, aeration required, special conditions, and whether systems can be combined or separated.

Flexibility, simplicity, ease of operation, minimizing corrosion, and ease of maintenance are all crucial factors we consider when designing an appropriate life support system .

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AquaArt - Life Support

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Rockwork & Scenery

Detailed environment replication is a key feature of modern international aquarium exhibits. Aquaart’s creative, custom designed aquascape include the installation of special replica rockwork, corals, trees and plant materials to transport the viewer to a realistic, far-away underwater scene.

We provide realistic natural themes for your aquariums and terrariums.

AquaArt - Rockwork and Scenary

Acrylic Technology

The unique properties of Acrylic have made this the material of choice for larger size aquariums. Acrylic is about 4 times lighter than glass aquariums but 5 times stronger. Good quality Acrylic is perfectly clear and it’s optical clarity well surpasses that of glass of the same thickness. Together with it’s advantages in strength and clarity, it becomes the only option for aquariums with water depth over 1.5meters. Acrylic can be thermoformed to almost any shape imaginable which makes it ideal for curves and complex shapes.

AquaArt’s vast experience and skills working with and installing acrylic aquarium panels ensures that we can turn your ideas and concepts into reality.

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AquaArt believes that most vital component in sustaining the integrity of any aquarium or water feature is maintenance.

Aiming to achieve the highest level of service quality, all AquaArt’s technicians undergo a rigorous training program before being deployed in the field to provide the most professional service and understanding of the biological processes involved to keep the client’s aquarium and aquatic installation working at optimum.

Furthermore, AquaArt schedules regular maintenance routines and provides tests on every visit to ensure the optimal efficiency of the aquatic systems. The readings and observations are all documented with copies of reports given to the client upon request.


We provide turn-key services from concept through to detail design, construction, commission, operation and management of aquariums. No project is too big or too small for AquaArt to handle.

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AquaArt - Projects

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